Owner & Master Woodworker

I am James. I am a husband, father, veteran, and I am JPN Woodworking's Master Woodworker. I guess that I am considered the "owner", but really I am not the only one running this business. My wife is just as much a part of this as I am. I make all the products that we produce as a business. I have always been working with my hands. Alexa draws what she wants, and I make it happen. That has been how we do things. We run this business the same way. I have been woodworking since I was a kid in high school. It was always a hobby that I kept up on. Later I graduated from York Technical Institute with a degree in electronic engineering. This was all while I spent eight years as Infantry in the army.  I now work as a correctional officer when I am not busy with the business.

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Custom orders are not limited to those shown. We take all requests into consideration. Please contact us at the bottom of this page for a quote on any project, and we will be in touch.

When sending inspiration or reference photographs please send them directly to our email address at [email protected]. Thank you.